The European Insitute of Peace takes a comprehensive approach to conflict prevention and resolution, working both top down and bottom up approaches to enhance the prospects of sustainable peace. We work to ensure that both the social and political foundations as well as the nature of the political processes themselves foster the right conditions to address the immediate as well long-term challenges to peace.

Within this framework, the Engagement, Dialogue & Process Design Unit (EDP) works to create space for dialogue, contribute to the sustainability of peace processes and help make sure the results stick. We do this through a variety of political engagements tailored to specific contexts to prevent and resolve violent conflict, and benefiting from the Institute’s technical expertise and European position. This involves identifying opportunities, generating options for action, and implementing engagement, dialogue and process or mediation support initiatives. Further, EDP works to ensure the consistent use of cutting edge analysis and mapping methodologies in the Institute’s design and implementation phases, making sure that our responses are fit for purpose, leading to real impact.