Listen to a debate on how to prevent radicalisation - chaired by EIP's Peter Brorsen.

The attacks in Paris and Istanbul have shaken Europe to its core. What possesses a young person to strap a suicide vest to his per-son, aiming to maim and kill civilians? While we hear many stories of failed integration across Europe, there are also stories of Muslim communities where radical Islamist views have never gained a foothold. What are these communities doing right? What can civil society do to help these communities flush out the poison of radicalism? Is there a role for the European Union in preventing radicalization?

The European Institute of Peace, Tuskon and the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung organised a debate in Brussels to examine these questions. Listen to highlights of the debate:


  • Hans H. Stein -  Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
  • Adam Deen - Quilliam Foundation
  • Veronique Ketelaer - European Forum for Urban Security (EFus)
  • Serafettin Pektas - Intercultural Dialogue Platform
  • Maurice van der Velden - EU Radicalisation Awareness Network
  • Peter W. Brorsen - European Institute of Peace

© photo: Friedrich Naumann Stiftung