The European Institute of Peace is pleased to publish a joint paper with the Finnish presidency of the EU on the EU’s role in supporting Afghanistan’s peace process. This paper was originally presented and discussed at a meeting of EU Asia Directors on 6 November in Brussels.

Afghanistan is facing a difficult economic future and the success or failure of a future peace deal will depend in large part on the continued commitment of Afghanistan’s partners and their ability to plan for and deliver a long-term programme of political engagement and economic support.

The paper outlines some of the challenges involved in delivering ‘peace dividends’ to the Afghan population that are aimed at bolstering support for a future peace settlement.

Michael Keating, Executive Director of the European Institute of Peace, said: “Afghanistan is experiencing a period of amazing uncertainty. As we know from experience, any peace deal that is not accompanied by a well thought through investment plan will be less likely to succeed. This requires planning and consensus from Afghanistan’s partners, as well as engagement with all parties in Afghanistan and in the region.”