A delegation from the EIP attended the Joint Summit on Peace, Security, Stability and the Fight against Terrorism and Violent Extremism on 30-31 July 2018 in Lomé.

The Lomé Summit

The EIP was one of the few organisations present as observers. Since late 2015, the EIP has been raising awareness through its preventive diplomacy engagement about the need to address the risks of violent radicalisation spreading to the coastal West African region. The region stands to benefit from enhanced regional and cross-regional exchange of analysis, information, and lessons.  In the lead up to the Conference, the EIP supported the idea of its inception and potential themes to be addressed in its contacts with the relevant regional actors. As a result, the EIP was honoured to have the opportunity to provide advice to the Government of Togo who, under the ECOWAS Presidency, took the lead in preparing a roadmap and policy documents culminating with the Conference and its outcomes.

The Lomé Summit was an important signal by Governments in the region to promote implementation of chosen strategies and best practices in this regard. The text of the adopted Lomé Declaration, which includes provisions for monitoring and follow-up, is available as an attachment to this blogpost.

An excerpt from the Final Communiqué of the 53rd ECOWAS Summit summarises the Conference as follows:

“27. The Conference reaffirms the importance of peace, security and stability in the ECOWAS region. It reiterates its condemnation of the terrorist attacks in the region and expresses its solidarity with the affected countries.

28. It reaffirms its determination to fight relentlessly against terrorism and violent extremism. To this end, the Conference welcomes the convincing results achieved in the fight against the terrorist group Boko Haram.

29. The Conference commends the commitment of the member countries of the Multinational Joint Force of the Lake Chad Basin and the G5 Sahel Joint Force in the fight against terrorism. To this end, it appeals to all Member States of the Community, in a spirit of community solidarity, to provide material, financial and technical support to the armed forces of the Member States engaged in the fight against terrorism in the Basin Lake Chad and the Sahel. The Conference calls upon the United Nations Security Council to place the G5 Sahel Force under Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter with a view to ensuring sustainable and multilateral funding.

30. The Conference urges member states to implement holistic measures to prevent radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism. She reiterated her appeal to Member States for a better sharing of information and intelligence.

31. The Conference welcomes the holding of the Joint Summit of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS and ECCAS on 30 July 2018 in Lomé, Togolese Republic. It urges the Member States and the Commission to implement diligently the decisions contained in the Lomé Declaration on peace, security, stability and combating violent extremism adopted by the Joint Summit.”


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Final communiqué ECOWAS-ECCAS Joint Summit in Lomé

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