Safety and Security Adviser (part time, consultancy)

16 February, 2020

The European Institute of Peace is looking for exceptional individuals who share our vision for a world where people live in safety and peace because conflicts and grievances are resolved through inclusive dialogue and lasting political agreements.

We provide practical experience, technical expertise and policy advice on conflict resolution. We use a variety of tools to help us do this, including analysis, mapping and design of peace processes and agreements, facilitating policy discussions, and proposing practical engagement, for example through inclusive dialogue and mediation support.

Based in Brussels and active in 15 countries, the European Institute of Peace is an independent organisation working collaboratively with European decision makers, the parties to conflict, and those who represent people suffering from insecurity or at risk of violence, as well as the conflict prevention, resolution and mediation community.

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EIP has over the last several years broadened the geographic scope of its projects, as well as the size of its portfolio. It recognises that the projects it supports often operate in unstable and potentially hazardous environments. EIP believes that maintaining safety and security is paramount and that safety and security of its staff, consultants, and those directly involved in its programmes and activities is paramount and that staff and consultants should be enabled to fulfil their roles without undue risk to health and life. Safety and security cover both the physical and digital space.

We are looking for a Safety and Security Adviser, on a part time consultancy basis for nine months, who can support the EIP in the development of the safety and security policies and practices.

S/he will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer in Brussels.

The Safety and Security Advisor is a multidiscipline technical expert when it comes to safety and security risk management..

The ideal candidate is a highly motivated people person who proactively identifies and seizes opportunities to share her/his passion for safety and security management with others. At the heart of this passion is a commitment to building the capacity of others, a solid technical background in NGO safety and security risk management, and a strong skillset to communicate both of these things in a clear, concise and accessible manner.

Main outputs

a. a new comprehensive safety and security policy and
b. a safety and security plan.

Expected results

At the end of the tenure of the Security Adviser, EIP should have a solid approach towards safety and security that covers rules and regulations, staff training, and physical and digital security and safety. EIP will not just fully abide by the duty of care towards its staff and consultants, but also have engendered a culture of care for physical and mental wellbeing of its staff. This includes a stronger sense of ownership of the topic by its staff, and a shared sense of responsibility that not only flows downwards, but is shared horizontally amongst colleagues who look after, and feel responsible for one another’s safety and security.

Detailed tasks

Safety and Security Assessment
1. a complete mapping of institutional safety and security risks, as well as project-related safety and security risks and threats;
2. a review of current policies and practices in place within the organisation and practised at the project level, including an analysis of strengths and weaknesses;
3. an inventory of existing levels of knowledge within the organisation regarding safety and security, including identifying potential gaps and learning requirements.

The assessment will consist of a review of existing policies, as well as interviews with a cross-section of EIP staff on current practices and approaches, as well as main risks associated with EIP’s ongoing operations. Interviews will be a combination of in-person interviews in Brussels and phone interviews, particularly with staff/consultants based in other locations. Conclusions will be presented in a short report (max 10 pages) to the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Drafting of Safety and Security Policy
The Security Adviser will, on the basis of the initial assessment, develop a safety and security policy which will include a set of institutional rules and regulations, procedures, as well as suggestions for staff learning and education on safety and security.

Where feasible, the Adviser will present two/three different courses of action or options available, depending on the assessed risks of the organisation or individual project.
The Adviser is also expected to report, in cooperation with the EIP Finance Department, on the financial implications of different proposals to improve, streamline, and integrate security in the work of the organisations and its projects.

The Safety and Security Policy should cover at a minimum:
1. Physical security of the EIP Offices in Brussels;
2. Data and network security, including staff awareness and training, technical considerations and equipment needs, and specific risks emanating from EIP’s profile and operations, in cooperation with EIP’s IT consultants. Should this be required, EIP can consider, at the request of the Security Adviser, calling upon the services of an additional dedicated expert in this field.;
3. Safety and security of staff traveling to the field, including:
a. procedures for safety and security risk assessment at the country, mission, and individual levels, including information gathering and security awareness;
b. draft security plans for field missions, including in-country networks and partner vetting, logistical and technical requirements, training, and medical considerations;
c. insurance;
d. data security, including staff awareness based on mission profile, equipment needs, and;
e. incident reporting, follow-through, emergency protocols and crisis management, and learning lessons, as well as after-care for incidents, both physically and mentally.

The Security Adviser will present a draft version of the Safety and Security Policy in writing to the SMT for initial feedback and discussion in the SMT meeting. The SMT will formally adopt the Safety and Security Policy once its comments have been integrated in the plan.

Safety and Security Plan
Shortly following adoption of the Safety and Security Policy, the Security Adviser will present an implementation schedule for the security plan to the SMT. This will include timelines that are based on immediate priorities identified by the Safety and Security Adviser and the SMT. It will also include scenarios for continued implementation of the plan with and without a permanent Safety and Security Adviser (on a part-time basis) connected to the Institute.

Once agreed with the SMT, the Safety and Security Adviser will oversee initial implementation of the plan, guide and mentor staff, including supporting the development of a number of field security plans. The Safety and Security Adviser will conduct interviews with staff to assess their ability to independently implement the security plan and obtain feedback.

For the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of the security plan in the field, the Safety and Security Adviser will accompany EIP project teams for a short duration visit to two or three yet to be determined field locations that present elevated security risks and that EIP needs to frequently visit. The Safety and Security Adviser can recommend and develop a training exercise to test EIP’s crisis management response.

Three months after the adoption of the security plan the Safety and Security Adviser will report on progress made and remaining challenges to the SMT, including final recommendations for change. He/she will have a final month to oversee implementation of any changes adopted by the SMT, as well as institutional handover of tasks.

Time Frame

The duration of the consultancy is approximately 9 months
Start date: 01/03/2020
End date: 30/11/2020

Recruitment process

An offer including a) description of services proposed, b) budget, c) track record in the field and d) CV should be sent to quoting ‘Safety and Security Adviser ’.
Deadline is 16/2/2020 at midnight CET.

Candidates will be selected on the best value for money principle and will be required to attend an interview.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Kindly note that we unfortunately cannot accept telephone inquiries.