EIP's Mission

European Institute of Peace (EIP) was launched in 2014 to complement and add value to EU and European peacemaking. It is an independent peacemaking and conflict resolution actor focusing on issues affecting peace and security of great importance to Europe. It holds a special connection to official diplomacy and foreign policy through its board members, made up of eight European states that share a common commitment to a European and EU global peace agenda.

The Institute fulfils this mandate in several ways. It complements existing peacemaking efforts through informal diplomacy and independent dialogue initiatives, and provides mediation support to multilateral actors in charge of formal peace processes. Pragmatic at heart, EIP develops and spreads practitioner-driven knowledge on conflict resolution and prevention approaches to its partners in the field. It also works to promote a rights-based focus in conflict resolution efforts, embracing a broad concept of justice by vindicating rights with a view to securing short to medium term peace dividends. All the while the Institute maintains a European identity, by working closely with the EU and European partners in strengthening European peacemaking. This is primarily expressed through support to the EU’s and states’ peacemaking initiatives, where EIP acts as an integrated partner throughout - from idea inception to strategy and policy development to implementation.

EIP sees the EU first and foremost as a peace project. Its vision is one where the EU and European peacemaking actors can draw on all its relevant assets to effectively face the challenges of 21st century conflict resolution. To this end, the Institute aims to be a trusted partner to European institutions and states, able to bridge the gap between excluded groups, tracks and issues to formal peace processes and official diplomacy channels.